Join Dingle Drama this summer for our online acting classes. There will be 2 sessions that are 4 weeks each. Sign up for one or both. Tiered pricing and free spots are available to make these classes accessible for all. Please reach out if you have any questions.


Want to learn how to act in front of the camera? On stage? Learn the skills needed to Act in Films. Plays and more. Dingle Drama’s virtual acting classes are an excellent way to have fun and engage with like-minded actors.

You’ll learn scene study and analysis, cold reads, audition technique, improv, and more tools to set you up for success in both auditions and performances.

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Siddarth Ventatesh, ICB Community, Bangalore, India

I attended a wonderful workshop session by Karla Dingle. She provided some absolutely simple and easy to remember tips to initiate and advance scenes. She answered each and every question the participants asked, above, and beyond the scope of the session as well. 

One of the best parts of the course is how Karla exactly envisions supporting characters, scenarios that intensify the emotions of your (monologue's) character. The change between the before and after version of your monologue is a testament to this approach.You will feel the character in your bones. She will ensure that. Brilliant! I would totally recommend any workshop with her and Queen City Comedy.