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Game of the Relationship
18 November at 11am IST
Hosted by Improv Fest Ireland
Teacher's Club

Improv is about playing, scene work is about the game. Players will start with the base reality and finding their character’s game. Then, they’ll use that game to challenge your partner’s game. Once that is accomplished, it’s all about exploration, repeating and heightening and using your game to establish what that relationship and scene are truly about.

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Improv Jam

20 November at 7pm GMT

Hosted by All Made Up Improv

Location TBA

An Open Call to improvisers who'd like to jump in and play with Karla Dingle while she is in London.

We'll do some fun warm ups, some short form games and then finish up with some long form. Thanks to Kate Bell for hosting and coordinating.

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Secrets and Lies
25 November at 7pm GMT
Hosted by Glossop Improv
Glossop Labour Club

Sometimes what’s NOT said is more powerful than what IS said. In this workshop, improvisers will explore AND exploit the unknown or unsaid as their characters navigate through scenes. Discover how secrets and lies add depth and definition to scene work. Create strong dynamics through working to keep the secrets and lies unsaid.

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I Want, I Need, I Feel
26 November 1pm GMT
Hosted by The Improv Boost
Lock Keeper

This session focuses on your character stating one of these three statements out loud to ground the scene, define the relationship dynamics and create emotional responses. You'll find that the connection and intimacy will follow these statements as you explore what your character is feeling.

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