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Karla also provides coaching services for improv teams and duos of all ages. Through these sessions, she can work with the team on increasing both connections and trust as well as refine skills through side coaching and notes. Karla has coached improvisers from around the world both online and in person. Improv Coaching can be online via Zoom or in person in the Carolinas in the US.


Long form is the staple for most improv teams. Learning a new form together can help elevate and engage the team. Karla can teach forms that are online based as well as ones that can be performed in person. Forms include: Harold, Deconstruction, Slacker, The Quest, The Movie, Film Noir, Reality TV, Soap Opera and more. Forms can also be created and customized for your team.


Is your team self coached? Have you lost a coach? Are you looking for fresh eyes?  Karla can review previously recorded shows and provide notes as well as host coaching sessions where players are side coached during their scene work or receive notes after the playtime is complete. Diagnostics are a way for teams to indentify strengths and opportunties and help a team thrive.

Want to meet the teams that Karla coaches. Click Below!

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