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Improv Skills Workshops

The goal of these workshops is to increase the confidence of improvisers in long and short form improv. Through exercises, games and scenes, attendees explore techniques to further their growth and their performance.

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Improv Forms Workshops

Long form improv is a staple of the improvisational world. These workshops are designed to explore both narrative and free form styles, as well as help existing teams grow and learn as an ensemble.

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Acting & Improv Workshops

These workshops help actors and improvisers to build confidence, courage, creativity, and teaches them to trust their instincts. Participants will focus on listening to their whole body when performing and to stop thinking and just react.



  • Dramatic Playground, January 2022, Queen City Comedy

  • Monologues, January 2022, Dingle Drama

  • Play Like a Kid, January 2022, Vintage Improv

  • Acting and Improv, November 2021, Queen City Comedy

  • Touchstones, November 2021, Dingle Drama

  • Enlarge your Performance August 2021, Queen City Comedy

  • Improv for Teachers August 2021, Rock Hill SC Schools

  • Film Noir July 2021, Highwire Improv

  • Improvise Your History July 2021, Improv Comedy Bangalore Community

  • Elevate Your Edits July 2021, Glossop Improv

  • Acting and Improv July 2021, Manila Improv Community

  • Secrets and Lies June 2021, The Nursery

  • Improvised Reality April 2021, Highwire Improv 

  • Acting for Improvisers Jan 2021, Queen City Comedy

  • Creating Backstory Sept 2020, Liverpool Comedy Improv

  • Improv Skills Sept 2020, Improv Comedy Bangalore

  • Improvised Soap Opera July 2020, Vintage Improv

  • Listen Before Speaking June 2020, Queen City Comedy

  • Making your Scene Partner Shine June 2020, Queen City Comedy

  • Character Monologues April 2020, Acting Out Studio

  • Improv for Actors Feb 2020, Blumenthal Performing Arts

  • Improv for Recovery Feb 2020, Promises Resource Network

  • Hosting Improv Jan 2020, Acting Out Studio

  • Improv for Team Building Dec 2019, Duke Energy

  • Commercial Improv Nov 2019, Talent Inc

  • Improv in Medicine, Huntersville Medical Center Oct 2019

  • Heightening the Scene Aug 2019, Charlotte Comedy Theater

  • Improv for Families July 2019, Free Range Brewing

  • Game of the Relationship June 2019, Charlotte Comedy Theater