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Below is a samplings of workshops taught by Karla Dingle. These offerings can be done as a one day workshop for 2-4 hours or can be explored further in courses ranging from 2-8 sessions. Customized workshops can be created to address organizational needs and skill levels as well to show off a team's strengths. Karla also teaches the well known forms such as the Harold, The Armando, Slacker, The Living Room and The Monoscene.

Join in the drama (and the fun) as we explore cliché plots, themes, and situations by sculpting an Online Improvised Soap Opera! We’ll play with relationships, heightening, cliff-hangers and unexpected plot twists! This narrative form of improv will be such a blast to play that it’ll be one of the best Days of Our Lives!

The Improvised Soap Opera

This format starts with a character delivering an in-depth personal monologue before being joined on stage by another character. After an established scene, the original character exits leaving the remaining character to deliver their monologue. This formula repeats until the long form concludes.


Try and figure out whodunit in less than two hours. Only the killer knows! Play with an improvised Murder Mystery based off the genre tropes of movies including Clue, Knives Out and more. Meet the characters as they tell the story and figure our who the prime suspects are.

The Improvised Murder Mystery

Bring some reality to your improv as you jump into some romance! Expect drama, betrayal and more as you navigate through confessionals, eliminations and more. It’ll be so real, you’ll feel like you're in a mansion with TV cameras around you. Play with the larger than life characters and develop storylines that feel completely unreal.

The Improvised Reality TV Show

What would happen if someone was easedropping or listening to other characters? How would they feel? In this form, we'll explore just that. Through the use of improvised monologues and scenes, you'll learn exactly what the characters are thinking.


Stark, angular shadows will fill the stage or screen. The isolated feel of modern cities. Conflicted anti-heroes and terse dialogue. Determined, beautiful, scheming women. Seedy settings, shadowy lighting, and a fatalistic tone.

The Improvised Film Noir

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