Below is a sampling of workshops taught by Karla Dingle. These offerings can be done as a one day workshop for 2-4 hours or can be explored further in courses ranging from 2-8 sessions. Customized workshops can be created to address organizational needs and skill levels as well.

Any improviser doing long form knows that editing can make or break a show. Good editing is a balancing act between letting the improv scenes develop and not letting them go on too long to drag down the show. —Jimmy Carrane. Discover the balance between the two in this workshop.

Elevate Your Edits

Spend the workshop focusing on vulnerability on stage. Vulnerability is bravery in it’s purest form. It is the willingness to see and to be seen; a choice to stand in front of the world, in all of one’s imperfect glory and say, ‘take me as I am’. Learn how to bring that out on stage by tapping into your emotions and experiences.

Finding Vulnerability

Improv is about playing, scene work is about the game. Learn how to find your character’s game first. Then, use that game to challenge your partner’s game. Once that is accomplished, it’s all about repeating and heightening and using your game to establish the dynamics of that relationship.

Game of the Relationship

Creating a “back story” for your character generally refers to the process of inventing details about the history of the character’s life. You’ll discover a character who is three-dimensional and more lifelike; rich in personality, experiences, world-views and opinions – one an audience can identify as a real person. And make choices that allow a character’s backstory to grow as the scene develops.

Improvise Your History

Sometimes what’s NOT said is more powerful than what IS said. In this workshop, improvisers will explore AND exploit the unknown or unsaid as their characters navigate through scenes. Discover how secrets and lies add depth and definition to scene work. Create strong dynamics through working to keep the secrets and lies unsaid.

Secrets and Lies

Karla also provides coaching services for improv teams and duos of all ages. Through these sessions, she can work with the team on increasing both connections and trust as well as refine skills through side coaching and notes. Karla has coached improvisers from around the world both online and in person.

Coaching and Diagnostics