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Explore Silence

Explore Emotion

Explore Yourself

​Limited to 12 participants!

This June, July and August push yourself, challenge yourself and explore yourself during this summer series with Karla Dingle. This class is perfect for improvisers and actors. The class is broken down into three 3 week sessions focusing on a new topic each month. ​


June: Silence - spend time not speaking and allowing your body language, facial expressions and the tension to move your scenes forward.​

July: Emotion - play with levels of emotion, allow yourself to be impacted by your scene partner and listen to your body to discover what you are feeling, then use it in a scene.​

August: Yourself - start with a self inventory on skills, emotional depth, vulnerability and more. Then challenge yourself to go beyond what you easy and push for more.


​Sign up for the whole summer and get a discounted price.​Can't commit for the whole summer, each month will be sold individually as well. Scholarships are available for each monthly session.

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