I have been to quite a few types of acting classes both in real life and online. Very few can tap into my creative abilities as well as Karla does. When it comes to monologues she creates the space, both mentally and emotionally, so that you can really access the truth behind the words. Powerful stuff. I count myself lucky to have been under her guidance for 8 very productive weeks.

I had the pleasure to take a class with Karla and it was stupendous. She really understood the seemingly wide spectrum of my and fellow participants' needs and tailored a perfect session. The exercises and debrief flowed so naturally along with the details referring back to the expectations we had detailed earlier in the class. I would not only recommend learning from her but also watching her performances and playing improv with her- because those are learnings too!

Sekki Tabasuares, Wales, UK

Laxmi Priya, The Adamant Eves, Bangalore, India

Karla uses her gentle, intuitional, and respectful teaching to create a safe environment that invites openness and vulnerability. I have attended several classes with Karla and each time it was a transformational experience. Looking forward to more opportunities of learning from Karla.

Karla helps facilitate, guide, advise and coach real life magic moments by teaching you how to make your scene partners shine. No matter how real the absurdities of this pandemic are, Karla turned absurdities into realities therefore causing opportunities for thousands of people world wide! Whilst the world shut down and started saying ‘No,but’. She said, ‘Yes, and’, proudly and confidently to pioneer improv into the virtual world, too in a bargain, Karla, connected the world to the virtual improv community! Truth be told, she is a one of a kind woman, human being, but best of all, a good friend. Karla is a true professional, she will always be successful on, off, and now virtual stages. Allow her to coach and give you tools that help hone techniques and skills in your journey as an artist.

Dr. Wieslaw Rocki, MD, Florida, US

Roxana Jara, Roxi's Playhouse, Virginia, US

I have been an improviser for 15 years and Karla's 'Acting for Improvisers' course is easily one of the best I've ever taken. The depth of her knowledge of improvisation and acting are clear, as is her commitment to create a safe and welcoming environment for her students. Each week gave a new challenge and Karla's encouragement really made me feel as though I was developing as an improviser and actor. Difficult topics were covered sensitively and respectfully which allowed me to explore deeply personal and moving subject matter in a way that felt completely safe. I have recommended Karla's teaching to several colleagues and would urge anyone to take a class with her.

I attended a wonderful workshop session by Karla Dingle. She provided some absolutely simple and easy to remember tips to initiate and advance scenes. She answered each and every question the participants asked, above, and beyond the scope of the session as well. 

One of the best parts of the course is how Karla exactly envisions supporting characters, scenarios that intensify the emotions of your (monologue's) character. The change between the before and after version of your monologue is a testament to this approach.You will feel the character in your bones. She will ensure that. Brilliant! I would totally recommend any workshop with her and Queen City Comedy.

Jess Napthine-Hodgkinson, Co-Founder, Glossop Improv, UK

Siddarth Ventatesh, ICB Community, Bangalore, India