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Unlimited Improv
8 Weeks | Youth & Teen | 5-7pm
Wednesdays, June 5-July 24

Acting Out Studio South Charlotte

Students can attend as many classes as they want all summer long for one price. Join AOS during the months of June and July for unlimited classes.


This is an amazing deal that AOS does only during the summer. It is a perfect time to try new classes or enjoy more classes of the ones you love. Acting, Improv and Musical Theater – why not try them all?!

I'll be teaching improv each Wednesday.

  • 5-6pm Ages 9-12

  • 6-7pm Teens

No improv or Acting Experience Required

Students will learn foundational improv tools like who, what, where as well as agreement, partnering and physicality through improv games and exercises.

Acting Out Studio

9145 Ardrey Kell Road, Charlotte, NC 28036

Improv + Acting Intensive
1 Week | Teens & College
June 24-28 | 9am -1pm
Davidson Community Players

In this intensive for Teens and Young Adults, your instructor will facilitate interactive, energizing, and challenging workshop-style class sessions that will immerse actors of all skill levels into the fundamentals of improv. This intensive will show how improv can be applied to scripted and unscripted work to achieve more reactive and authentic performances. Over one week, you will learn how to:

  • Create unique characters and performance moments.

  • Strengthen your audition skills and be ready to pivot on the spot.

  • Instill confidence and flexibility in your acting choices.

  • Engage your emotional intelligence, listen to your body, and get out of your head.

  • Increase your active listening, which allows for more authentic responses.

The Actor's Lab

20700 N. Main St, Davidson, NC 28216

Improv Camp
1 Week | Ages 10 to 12
July 15-19 | 1-4pm
Davidson Community Players

Learn the craft of improv in this acting camp! Join us as you learn to think on your feet, play improv games and explore improv techniques. Campers will dive into improv tools like:

  • Yes And

  • Justification

  • Heightening

  • Partner Work

  • Relationships

  • Emotions

  • Physical Comedy

No Improv or Acting experience needed.


Campers will perform a show at the end of the week to show off their new skills! Think Who's Line is it Anyway but for the whole family to enjoy!

The Actor's Lab

20700 N. Main St, Davidson, NC 28216

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